In this 2018 transform your life:
Healthy tips

In this 2018 transform your life:

In this 2018 transform your life:

– Eat healthy
One of the most common (and useful!) Purposes that we do every year is to take a healthy and balanced diet. The secret to achieve this is in acquiring healthy habits little by little, until it becomes something natural. Some tips to achieve this: make a list of purchases, reserve a few hours a week to cook at home, get inspired by our healthy recipes, and above all, do not forget to treat yourself! Your body will thank you.

– Dieting
After the Christmas holidays with all those traditional dishes and desserts, we probably want to make a diet to feel light and lose those extra pounds. It’s never too late to start even if you have not done it before. Losing weight is a process in which we learn to love and take care of ourselves, to give our body what it needs and to change our habits. You will see that it is worth trying!

– Leave the junk food
A purpose that does not hurt anyone. Snacks and junk food in general are loaded with salt, saturated fats, dyes and preservatives, in addition to their hygiene can be more than dubious … If you’re a fancy person, try preparing your own snacks at home, replacing chips and cheese for healthier alternatives. Of course, a little gustito once in a while does not do badly.

– Leave sugary drinks
It is a fact that soft drinks and sugary drinks are terrible for our health. Dental problems, overweight, hypertension or diabetes are just some consequences of taking this type of drinks. Start by drinking 1 glass of water before each meal. If you want a flavored drink, prepare fresh water with fruits and a little stevia.

– Organize kitchen books and magazines
To start the year with motivation, it is advisable to do a cleaning at home, starting in the kitchen. Take out all the books and cooking magazines you have and ask yourself: do I really use or will I use this book? Have I used it during the last two years? If the answer is no, then you have two options: either sell it or give it to someone close who might be interested. The only exception to this rule is the grandmother’s cookbook that, although it is full of stains, is also full of memories!

– Separate trash
If you still do not do it, it’s time to start 2018 doing something for the environment. Separate trash in paper and cardboard, plastic, glass and organic waste. If there is no separate collection service in your city, look for where to donate old newspapers or bottles. Many schools do collections every year.

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