3 Mental Gymnastics Exercises: Brain Gym:

3 Mental Gymnastics Exercises: Brain Gym:


3 Brain Gym Exercises:

These can be done by anyone, although they are recommended to those 5 years and older. These 3 exercises can even be done by children. (This practice is better known as cerebral or mental gymnastics, brain gym, or neurobic), and there are even Brain Gym Exercises for Dyslexic People)dys.

Some benefits of these techniques: improve memory, train the brain so that both hemispheres work at the same time, put into practice and develop the imagination, allow better mental health and more.

3 Mental Gymnastics Exercises: Brain Gym:

1- The Cook Hook:
While Standing: cross your feet so that you do not lose your balance, then stretch your two arms forward and separate them from each other, the palms of your hands should be facing out, with the thumbs pointing down, then in that The same position intertwines your hands and fingers so that the thumbs keep pointing downwards and slowly bring your hands entwined to your chest so that your elbows are down and your hands are united under your chin.

While performing these movements you must support your tongue on your palate, this makes your brain watchful. Repeat several times.

Benefits: Causes an integrating effect in the brain and helps activate the sensory and motor cortex of both cerebral hemispheres. It also helps your brain to respond faster and reduces stress, focusing on learning. The Cook Hook is highly recommended to do it when starting any activity, it helps to activate and connect all the energies of the body improving concentration.

2- The ABC:
Write on a sheet of paper the complete alphabet in capital letters, then write randomly under each letter the letters “d, i, j” taking care that they do not fall below the D, I, J capital letters. Glue the sheet on a wall at eye level.

Read aloud the alphabet written in capital letters, if you notice that under the capital letter you read there is a lowercase “i”, raise your left arm, seeing a “d” raise your right arm and seeing a “j” goes up both arms. Perform these movements in a coordinated way with the reading aloud of each letter.

Do this activity from “A” to “Z” and then from “Z” to “A”, if you make a mistake on the way, shake your body and start again from the beginning.

Repeat as many times as necessary until you succeed in not making a mistake.

3- Crossed Walk:

This one is quiet simple: it consists of placing and slightly raising the right knee and touching it with the left elbow flexed, then returning to an initial position, and then performing the same movement but on the contrary; that is, slightly raise our left knee and touch it with our right elbow properly flexed.

Benefits: Activates the laterality of both cerebral hemispheres making them work together.

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