Another possible way to lose weight:

Another possible way to lose weight:

Lose weight with Kick Boxing:

Kickboxing is possibly one of the sports with the greatest cardiovascular component: since the warm-up, which always includes the race in different directions, we begin to exercise our heart. Oxygenation of the whole body and heart training are present throughout the session.

Another possible way to lose weight:

The strength gain is remarkable: plyometric elements such as jumps are included during the warm-up. During the combats and the hit to the sack we tone our whole body when printing force to the blows made. In addition, the fact of hitting a resistance and not the air (as in other sports such as Body Combat) is much safer for the joints.

Another possible way to lose weight:

Coordination is another of the strengths of kickboxing. All the series and combinations of blows demand a great control of all our body, besides a good capacity to conjugate movements of different muscular groups.

Concentration is a must in a kickboxing class: during battles, in addition to attacking we must avoid the blows of our adversary, know how to anticipate their movements and cover us if necessary. The attention to our rival is just as important as the control of our own body.

Another possible way to lose weight:

On the other hand, it can be a “masculine” as well as a “feminine” sport; there is nothing that excludes it for women to practice. Moreover, they can be used to defend themselves against any aggression they may suffer in the daily life: a thief, a violent man, a violent woman, etc.
That is, Kick Boxing can train with heterogeneous groups without any problem.

Sports of contact incite violence?
As much as a war videogame. And by the way, video games of war are much more popular than combat sports.

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