Being single
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Being single:

17 Reasons why being single is, maybe, not that bad.

We have all felt the feeling –hopefully- of being in love; however nothing lasts forever…beautiful relationships reach to an end, and we tend to be unhappy about our present. This is when we must take control about our lives again, what should we do? One thing we can do is to write a list like this one, in order to re think about life in a pleasant way.

Writing, it´s a perfect way to put all our feelings about something, in a piece of paper. Writing will help us, to read and re read, what we once felt.

Being single


Here is a series of postulates and thoughts that, perhaps, you had not thought about and will help you to stay -even more?- positive.


1- You control the temperature of your home. No one will tell you how hot or cold your living room is…

2- You can go everywhere, without telling where your next destination is.

3- There is no need to visit your partner´s family.

4- You can eat your favourite meal every single time you want to.

5- You can date a lot of new people.

6- You can stay at home, if you want to… there is no obligatory tour of the city.7-You can watch every channel you want on your TV.

7- You can bring your friends whenever you want at any time.

8- You can play with your friends whateverr you want.

9- You can come late at night, and no one will tell you sh*t.

10- You can watch your favourite movie once and once again.

11- You can listen to the same song on repeat 24/7.

12- Expenses are cheaper, no need to buy two of everything.

13- You can discover new hobbies.

14- You can call all your ex, and tell them to come home.

15- You re-discover yourself

16- You can find your stuff where you put it: no one will put it else where.

17- There is no need to hear stupid complaints.


Crisis and instability are the hallmarks of normality. You won´t stay single forever… new paths are coming, and a broad new future is really near you: just wait for it to come and knock to your door

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