Benefits of wine
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Benefits of Wine:

In the name of Dionysius:

Toast! As you may know you can make a toast with almost every alcoholic drink. However, wine… is always one level up. Romans loved wine so much, that in honor of this drink, they created a special god for it. His name was Dionysius: who promoted fertility of human and animal semen.

In order to show gratitude to Dionysus, Romans created festivals, where wine was consumed and drink freely.

Nowadays, time has changed a lot of these funny parties and there are no more festivals like those one in the past. However, the passion for wine is still on, and maybe more than ever… every year more and more wine is produced worldwide, in every continent. People love wine, not only because it is one of the best alcoholic drinks to get drunk with -let´ts be honest for a while-, but because of its delicious taste and flavor.

Benefits of wine.

As said above, wine is consumed more and more every year in Occidental countries; thus, the capitalist market has increased the variety of wines. It´s not only a matter of quantity, but quality too. For a reasonable price you can afford an Argentinian Malbec, and Australian Shiraz, an Italian Super Tuscan, or a French Cabernet Sauvignon, and how to forget any Californian wine

If you consume this millenary drink moderately, studies say it may have a lot of possible positive effects for your health.

Benefits of wine are:

1- Lowering cholesterol

2- Reducing the risks of heart disease

3- Lowering the risks of stroke

4- Controling the blood sugar

5- Keeping blood vessels flexible

6- Reducing insuline resistance

7- Keeping your bone mass

8- Reducing the risks of developing type 2 diabetes

Now, this information isn´t meant to tell you to get drunk. The proper quantity per day is just 3 fingers of the liquid in a normal glass of wine. More than that, it is considered already as an excess. And no excess is good for your healthy habits.

So next time you see a bottle of wine, look at it twice, and consider it like a good way of healing yourself!

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