Benefits of Sun Taking:
Healthy tips

Benefits of Sun Taking:

Here comes the sun!

Not only is it more glamorous toLack of exposure to the sun (it is healthier to be pale than tanned)

Sun taking is good: not only for helping you to get tanned, and therefore be more glamorous by leaving a side your pale skin. Taking sun, also helps you in several ways.

Benefits of Sun Taking:

 Here are some reasons:

1- While taking the beautiful sun rays, your organism will be creating the essential Vitamin D. This important vitamin is responsible for a proper bone and skin structure. So, if you complement your sun rays taking with a proper vitamin D diet, like oily fish -such as salmon and tuna you should be really fine. If the amount of Vitamin D falls, the counterpart of this, will make the Cholesterol rise.

2- You will feat warmer, and happier. Happiness is excellent for our mood ad health. If you are happy, you won´t be stressed up, thus you won´t be suffering from it. Everyone knows that cold weather and grey days are really sad. Everyone knows that people from warmer weathers are happier than the people living near the poles.

3- If you are not stressed, your heart will be fine, too!

4- Gives you tons of energy

5- Boosts fertility: believe it or not the sun redeuces the amount of the hormone melatonin; which suppresses fertility.


Enough said: now, go ake your sunscreen and go to the sun!

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