The catfulness method: Cats teach us to live better!
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The Catfulness Method: Cats teach us to live better!

They are great teachers zenvviviendo in our house:

Derived from mindfulness, the art of living in the present, these wise teachings come from these Zen animals.

The catfulness method: Cats teach us to live better!

Do you have a postdoctoral degree in the Zen world? Cats teach us another way, something like Mindfulness, the art of consciously living the present. Since they do not have to please anyone except themselves, they make those around them happy. If we observed cats better, we would undoubtedly live in a more serene world.

The catfulness method: Cats teach us to live better!

If we acted like cats, we may be happier.

What do cats teach us?

1- Being Chill: Relax and observe the world around us. The world keeps turning without your anxieties and worries. From a distance, from the highest point of the room.

2- Everything can be a game: it is a way to relax what distresses us, to take away the drama. The game is a continuous experiment, it tests the five senses and allows you to discover new things about yourself and the world. Do not settle for your usual, well-known hobbies. Look for new games or change your habits into play.

3- Have patience: Cats can stay still for hours, and keep their swag. There is no clock, no wall or interior when such an important objective is at stake.

4- Do not give up curiosity: Never give up your curiosity and life will continue to give you, day after day, small or sensational surprises.

5- Walk in the green: enjoy nature: When you are surrounded by green, where life follows the ancient rhythms of nature, where the grass grows alone, without needing to intervene, you will find peace in an instant.

6- Resting day: sleep the best siesta you have not done in years, without thinking about all your work, nor “owes” that lurk in the week, and torture you day by day.

7- If you want to be mad, just do it: silence can be your worst enemy. When you want something very much, it makes your voice to be heard strong, although you can hurt the sensibility of somebody. Exteriorize your emotions; if not, everything you did not say will remain inside you and slowly devour you.

8- Change the customs: Nothing prevents you from changing your customs if you wish. If you flee customs, you will discover that the only safe and immutable place is your interior; no matter where you are.

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