How to clean carpets in your home?
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How to clean carpets in your home?

How to clean carpets in your home?

Carpets are the home of mites … this is known to everyone. While eliminating 100% mites is an almost impossible task; Yes, we can reduce the vast majority of them to improve the health of your home.

But rugs are also the favorite place in which our children play … the mites over our children? Never!

How to clean carpets in your home?

How to clean?
1) Use the carpet cleaning powder:

Whether you choose a carpet cleaning powder or baking soda, this is the best method you can follow:

a- Sprinkle generously on the carpets.
b- Let the powder rest at least 30 minutes, but if you can leave it overnight, it is better, as this will give the cleaner the opportunity to work and soften the stains and smells.
c- Vacuum the dusted areas.
d- How to use liquid cleaning detergent for carpets

How to clean carpets in your home?

2) Liquid detergent is another popular way to clean carpets, and the steps we recommend are:

a- Use the solution as indicated on the package. In many cases, you will have to dilute the product in water.
b- Use just enough liquid detergent to cover the area. It is always recommended to test the product in an inconspicuous area before its application.
c- Do not moisten the carpet too much: not only is it a waste of product, but also, it will increase the drying time.
d- From the particularly difficult areas with a brush with hard bristles.
e- Let the carpet to dry.
f- Aspire the soap once it has dried.

How to clean carpets in your home?

Practical advice for spots in general:

In case of isolated spots, it is always better to try to clean as soon as possible, before the spots dry completely. While you can use soap to clean carpets, it is also worth trying these practical tips:

-For the sticky spots like gum, I hardened the area with ice before trying to remove the whole piece.

-For smelly stains, mix equal parts of vinegar and warm water and apply in the area with a cloth.

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