Coca-Cola in Japan:
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Coca-Cola in Japan:

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Coca-Cola will launch the first drink with alcohol, thus breaking with 125 years of history: Coca-Cola prepares the launch of a drink with alcohol in Japan.  What do you think, is this an unhealthy drink? What do you think about this  “weird” combination?

The idea of ​​Coca-Cola is to launch a canned beverage based on sho-chu liqueur, a distilled beverage made from barley, sweet potato or rice.

Coca-Cola in Japan:

From this alcohol, bottled drinks based on this liquor or vodka are popular on the Japanese market and are known by the name of Chu-hi. The objective is for the US multinational to enter the market of these bottled mixes, which is currently dominated by Japanese brands such as Strong Zero, Highball Lemon or Slat.

Most likely, you are probably  asking yourself: Why this drink is not in my country yet? I hope it comes! or, I hope it doesn´t come here!: Just imagine this combination: Coca-Cola and alcohol?!

Coca-Cola in Japan:

The answer given by the specialists, is that this new move of Coca-Cola in Japan, will be an experiment of the multinational company to see how it goes with this type of drinks … if they do poorly, they will simply remove the product from the market .

On the other hand, the commercialization of the American multinational in Japan has been marked in recent decades by adapting its portfolio to the idiosyncrasy of the country.

This time, it will be the first in which they include content with low alcohol content, but according to the manager will be a way to continue exploring opportunities outside the center of your business.

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