Cold Cuts: yes or no?
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Cold Cuts: yes or no?

Cold Cuts: yes or no?

These elements are crushed by large machines and then mixed with condiments, preservatives, sugar, curing agents, dyes and other ingredients to make the fresh meat that is then sold in the market.

These foods are highly processed that stimulate the production of dopamine, substance that generates pleasure. That sensation causes that its consumption increases and an addiction is created, favoring the increase of weight.

These foods are already commonly consumed in many diets because, in addition to being obtained in individual presentation, they are also present in popular foods such as:
a- Hot dogs
b- Sandwiches
c- Burgers
d- Pizza

Something you need to know: While preservatives improve the appearance of sausages and other foods, some may be responsible for the development of various cancers, in addition to having other negative effects on the body.

This is due to the fact that they contain chemical additives which increase their useful life (and last longer), in turn making them look fresh at first sight.

Sodium, nitrates, phosphates and other food additives are commonly added. They also have toxic chemicals that increase the risk of heart failure.

Cold Cuts: yes or no?

Although there are currently products that are said to be reduced in sodium, low in fat and cholesterol, the added salt, starch, high fructose corn syrup, as well as preservatives produce side effects. As for example: the production of sperm, which reduces male fertility.

The ingredients of the stuffed meats can vary according to the company that makes them and maybe some are less harmful than others.

The truth is that, whatever the brand and the manufacturing process, most of these products coincide in having greater or lesser amounts of certain components that are not nutritious or good for the body.

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