This is the drug we consume every day:
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This is the drug we consume every day:

Sugar is a drug, and if you avoid it, you will plenty of benefits:

The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests reducing total caloric intake from simple sugars to 5% (previously suggested 10%).

A study showed that a high intake of these ingredients causes an increase in blood pressure. People who consume 25% or more of calories from hidden sugars, will have three times more risks of death from cardiovascular disease. This means that according to this recent study sugar rises blood pressure more than salt!

This is the drug we consume every day:

However, it should be noted that fructose present in natural foods such as fruits, is beneficial to the body and does not produce those undesirable effects for our health.

How can we replace sugar? Is it possible to perform such an act in the Modern World?

1- Sweeteners are safe and should not be afraid of their use, it does not lead to diseases, since their daily allowance is very high.

2- Use the simple carbohydrates that come from vegetables and fruits and I consume milk or yogurt in the amounts recommended according to your age.

3- Avoid the consumption of processed foods.

4- Choose natural foods, those that have no additives or preservatives.

5- Choose a healthy diet that will help you improve the quality of life. And if we talk about quality of life, do not forget that sport is a very necessary pillar to keep in mind.

This is the drug we consume every day:

Remember: the fructose from industrialized foods is the one with the greatest propensity to raise blood pressure. On the other hand the one that comes from the vegetables and fruits is an excellent resource to avoid diseases.

This is because the sucrose or table sugar is a disaccharide composed of two monosaccharides: glucose and fructose. Sucrose is an ingredient in many processed foods in the industry. In addition, there is in many processed foods a sweetener called “corn syrup” (fructose), widely used in food and fruit drinks. This is a real crap. It is highly harmful to our health!

This is the drug we consume every day:

An excessive daily intake of this type of sugars increases heart rate, renal retention of sodium and vascular resistance and this can cause an increase in blood pressure, the demand for oxygen of the myocardium.

Obviously, it is very important to read the labels and learn a couple of names about the elements that there are and that should not be consumed, in order to distinguish the hidden sugars.

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