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How to quit smoking in one month:

Do you smoke?

If there answer is ´yes´, and while answering that question you did sad face… then, this tip is good news for you.

Quit smoking

We all hear that smokers, wish one day to quit smoking. That´a classic. It´s another classic to see that they try, and try once and once again many methods to quit, and however, despite of trying as hard as possible, none of them is successful.

Next, some useful techniques you. Just try this method! There is nothing you can loose…

1- Quitting smoking at the same time as a friend helps a lot. Since every time you want a cigarette, you can talk to your accomplice, who is surely passing by others. The two will help each other.

2- Do not drink alcohol: Most people who try to quit, say they find it very difficult to drink alcohol without a dose of nicotine. It is well known, when one drinks alcohol and is a smoker; you have more desire to smoke … then …

3- Find activities: for example, clean your house … in this cleaning you can even throw away everything related to the culture of the smoker, such as: packs, matches, ashtrays, etc.

4- In social life: When you have guests in your home, do not let them smoke. When you go out with friends smoking, stay away from them while they smoke.

5- Start hypnosis: it’s a useful tool! All is to conquer the battle against tobacco.

6- Convince yourself: Most people who stop smoking are because they self-convinced that they can do it.

7- Try to avoid excess caffeine: most people do not know that nicotine speeds up the processing of caffeine … so reducing the daily cups of coffee is a good idea, to reduce the urge to smoke.

8- Surf the internet: enter blogs of former smokers. It is always helpful to hear new and different points of view. What has been useful to others may be useful to you as well.

9- When you die for a cigarette, start talking about your efforts with others … whether friends or family. This will help you channel the nervousness.

10- Start practicing sports: exercising will relax you, and help you channel stress. Choose to go to the gym, walk, go jogging to the square, or take the car … even walking around the city is a good idea, too.
Good luck!


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