A glass of water, please.
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A glass of water, please.

The gold of the future.

A glass of water, please.

Colorless chemical substance. Its chemical formula is H2O, meaning that the molecule consists and contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms.

If you walk around th cities of today, you will rarely se people drinking water… this liquid is even weird for the yungsters who say it is not tasty, thus, this makes them not to drink it. Their parents instead of giving them water, they just by them a soda. It is obviously not the solution. Sad truth because we are mainly water, and not drinking it will create a huge dehydratation!

The truth of water is that it is miraculous and essential and we are firstly prepared for drinking this, and not artifical sodas.

The benefits of water are the following:

1- Keep skin looking fine

2- It is ideal for your intestine.

3- Help your kidneys for they proper functionalism.

4- Hydratates your brain

5- Removes toxins from yur blood

6- Helps you reduce weight.

7- Reduces the risk of cancer.

8- If you are infected, it will help you a lot!


You may know too, that water is essential for real athletes and not soda…


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