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Healthy tips on quality food for children

It is common as a parent to ensure that the tummy of our child is full.

But, oftenly, the best foods get ignored due to the child’s preferences.

A lot of times we refuses to give them food that could be the healthiest and best available food for his age.

The healthy eating habits could go a long way in preventing diseases like diabetes, allergies, obesity and heart ailments later in your child’s life.

Inculcating healthy eating habits in toddlers may come across as the biggest challenge for parents.

But, to your great surprise a consistent effort to formulate good eating habits could give you a sure shot positive result in a matter of three months.

Best health tips for children

Early years play a critical role throughout the life of the child.

Researches off late have proven that good nutrition and healthy habits play an important part in defining the immunity and resistance of the child later in life.

High Protein Diet

Protein helps in developing the brain and building in the right immune system of the child that helps him throughout his life. Also in building the most important enzymes and hormones in the body.


Soaked almonds (pureed/mashed etc) form one of the best food for any baby above six months.
Lean meat like chicken, fish etc.

Basil and Mint

Eating basil and mint daily can do wonders on their immune system.

Basil is usually found in most homes else could be planted with ease.

It helps in fighting with teeth disorders, kidney stones, cold, cough, diabetes, anti cancer etc.

Controlling sugar 

Be careful and avoid foods with a lot of sugar.

Specially sugary drinks which contain a lot of sugar.

Also reduce chocolate intake.

For example, diabetes, tooth decay, low calcium absorption resulting in poor bone formation is all the result of excess sugar intake.

Pasteurized milk

We talk about pasteurized milk because contains all proteins and minerals needed by the child which otherwise gets lost if any other sterilization technique is used.

Unpasteurized milk is unfit for a child as it may be contaminated and often boiling is not the safest technique to get rid of certain bacteria present in milk.

So make sure that whatever milk you buy is pasteurized.

Check for the symbol on the pack/bottle.


Regular intervals of meals

This makes it easier for your child’s body to digest the food.

Moreover, this helps maintain body weight.

This habit goes a long way in balancing the body mass index of your child and also helps him to stay fit.

 No junk food

Not many people know that digesting junk food takes thrice the effort by every concerned organ of the body.

Junk food should be avoided right from the beginning.

It has a very subtle negative affect and in the longer run these poor eating habits may make your child a victim of numerous diseases like obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, poor immunity etc.

 Eat together as a family

Kids observe keenly and they learn by seeing things around.
A positive eating habit will eventually be a part of your child’s lifestyle as he will eventually pick up things which he sees are being done by you on a daily basil. This part of parenting should not be avoided at all.


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