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Hipocresy is bad for mental health:

We all hate hypocrites and their lies… but, why do we want to hear the truth?

How can you detect when someone is lying to you? Well, if we give a definition of this kind of person, we can assume that a hypocrite is a liar. The first step to fight these pricks should be knowing how to detect lies. Lies are false or wrong information given to us during communication, which makes us think with a certain level of distortion abouth reality .

Conclusion: a lie is bad for your mental health.

There are many, many books that you can read in order to help you spotting out liars.

Here, you will find some few -but useful- tips, in order to help you momentarily.

1- The person avoids looking at you: he or she, will stare at something without looking straight at your eyes. The reason why is because, the liar feels embarrassed and ashamed to be discovered, the last thing the liar wants it the truth to be discovered!


2- Pay attention to the change in the voice: The tone of the voice is the main key to appreciate a lie. Experts admit that detecting the slightest change in the prosody of the other is elemental to detect even the type of lie involved in the speech and when that lie took place or happened. Psycholigists are experts in this type of knowledge.
More over, Gregory Bateson and M. Mead did study the type od dialogues… they both called it: ´Meta-communication´.

3- Pay attention to their whole gesture and body: liars tend to play with their hands, fingers or feet. They can´t stay quite. The reason why this happens to them is because with this, they can regulate and canalize their tensions in a better way. It is a bodily substitute for the lie itself!


4- They stumble upon with their own story. The secret here is to let liars continue with their lying process; instead of silencing or shut them up, let them speak freely, let them continue with the lie. Sooner or later the truth will appear to you: that’s when you have to say what you feel!


5- Add more elements to what you think the lie is: whit this technique, you add him -or her- more complexity to the lie, this will make him -or her- fall more easily into the previous point mentioned.


Here is a question for you: Why do we want to hear the truth? Is it really that important to us?

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