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Jogging: Yes! But… jogging how?

Everyone knows, nowadays, that sports are great for our health.

Everyone. Even kids are taught at school since an early age, that they must do sports in order to carry on with a healthy life.

Laziness was one really common in the generation of the 90´s, while eating trash food… but not today. Too many health campaigns have appeared, and the right effects have emerged.

However, there are some myths established in our society, really difficult to vanish, and we should remove them as fast as possible. For example: doing a jogging in the city. It sounds great, because it is great; but, before doing it, you should take really seriously where you will do it. Why? The reason is simple: in a city, green spaces are really little and really few, therefore the most common thing is to practice your jogging in the streets, on the concrete. There is the problem.

Running is useful and beneficial for your heart, your lungs, weight loss, and it is a really good tool, if you want to get some of the stress out. But, what about your knees? Almost no one considers the bone or knee factor.

Let´s make it simple: running it´s great, but, if you practice it in the city, at a near future, you won´t be able to do it anymore. Your knees will hurt too much…

Is there a solution?

  • If you can´t spot any soft surface to run like squares or countrysides, just consider, before doing your jogging on asphalt, to do a proper stretching. Stretching is always necessary, thus mainly important.
  • After that, take with you some good shoes, those ones with and airmax structure, or the new ultraboost technology: they will properly absorb the impact of the movement, between your heels and the concrete. Your knees, and your spinal column will thank you afterwards.
  •  Then, start the move slowly; and when you feel it, then start to run.
  • Try to avoid joggins on really cold days. We all know that cold is bad for muscles and bones.
  • If you feel pain, stop immediately; don´t take it too far… remember: you are training because you want to, not because you are obliged. Just imagine, that if you get injured, the time you recover will last more, than if you just stop the training at the right moment before that happens.


Always remember: mens sana in corpore sana!



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