Lemon Juice:
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Lemon Juice:

Lemon Juice versus Weight:

There is a good way of losing weight. Maybe you have already heard about it: Jared Leto, used it in order to playroll a really skin character in a movie about… (now is your turn to go and look it for yourself!)

Would you be capable of drinking this?

Well, scientists admit that lemon is good for many things; the most popular is to know that this fruit can gie you high quantities of Vitamin C. The other notorious fact, is that lemon juice may help you in the process of weight loss and fat reduction. Apparently, it´s not the juice, but the lemon polyphenols found in the peel of the lemon tht help your metabolism and organism to help you loosing weight.

Lemon Juice:


Because, as said above, it contains polyphenols, and because while drinking it, you are replacing other beverages- such as sodas- whichn contain gas and have high quantity of sugars on them.

This means you keep hydrated, thus, you don´t confuse thirst with hunger. Studies say that most of the people confuse the fact of thirstiness with the fact of being hungry… this weird process is responsible for making you eat, more than you need, when you are not even hungry!

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