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Do you want to know what that yellow substance is made off? Yes, we are talking about mayonnaise… your ´Mayo´.


Well, for its preparation you have to emulsify oil and acid (Lemon and vinegar). Then the egg is added in order to catalyze and emulsify properly (the eggs has Lecithin, that´s why). Until now, all natural ingredients… however, as everything in this world, the commercial mayonnaises are usually made with unhealthy fats, colorants, and a lot of more bad things for you and the ones you love. (Tip: if you want to spice up a salad, you better use some oil and vinegar).

As said above, industrial food products, like the mayonnaises you may buy daily contain a lot of stuff you really don´t want to eat, just to mention the:

Colorants: even though they use permitted colorants… they aren´t the best thing for you, ad you better avoid any kind of colorants; we all know these  additives may be really bad for yur health and may be contaminant for yourself. Many scientists say that artificial food coloring may be the main cause of hyperactivity in children… so, watch out!

High quantities of salt and sugar: unfortunately for us, our organisms love all the junk the food that can reach to your mouth. The reason behind this, is that we simply love fat, sugar, and salty stuff…for example, give junk food to your dog: and see how he loves that; after one month of that diet, he will be probably rolling around your house instead of walking.

High quantity of flavorings: they are all chemical and synthetic… this means, they are nothing but unnatural.


Most people don’t realize about these factors, and continue eating a lot of Mayo… just because they ignore these facts. So, next time, you better make your own mayo, or spice up with oil and vinegar.

Ps: if you areon a helathy diet try to avoid this -tasty- product.

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