Old habits vs New Habits:
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Old habits vs New Habits:

Changing the traditional cigarette by electronic ones would avoid millions of deaths:

The figure, although theoretical, is shocking. Nearly 7 million smokers would save their lives from premature deaths if they switched from traditional to electronic cigarettes.

To reach this hypothesis, we compared the damages produced by traditional cigarettes with those involving the use of electronics, as well as the different times in the beginning of smoking, leaving it or changing it by electronic ones.
In addition, there would be tremendous health benefits, including the reduction of diseases that disable smokers (severe pulmonary emphysema, among others), decreased pain and suffering, and reduced exposure to secondhand smoke.

The controversy that divides the specialists:

The use of the electronic cigarette (or vaporear, as it is defined) divides the specialists. Advocates, supported by work like this, argue that it is the best tool to get the population to stop smoking; and pressure governments to pursue public policies aimed at stimulating change. Meanwhile, the detractors warn that there is still a lack of evidence to claim that it may be a nicotine replacement; and that it is not known scientifically whether the electronic cigarette is harmless or not.

From the side of those who are against steam, they say that there is sufficient evidence that toxic substances such as formaldehyde and propylene glycol are found in the vapor that are suspended in the environment are substances found in tobacco smoke. Although they are lower concentrations, no one knows what the damage caused may be.

Studies, many of very serious institutions, pro and con accumulate. However, a general conclusion has not yet been reached. So each country makes different decisions regarding its use. While in countries like the United States, Japan and those in the European Union have enabled the product but have not yet admitted it as a system to stop smoking, other countries prohibit it.

Old habits vs New Habits:
A recent study links electronic cigarette with heart problems:

If anything reinforces the position of those who support the use of electronic cigarettes is the lack of studies that prove that the electronic cigarette is harmful to health. Or at least as much as the traditional cigarette, since it has been agreed that they are not harmless, as they were intended to sell at first. The issue then goes to establish if the damage is less to the detriment of the traditional ones.

The number of users of electronic cigarettes has increased drastically in recent years and are considered by the general public to be almost harmless. The industry markets its product as a way to reduce harm and help people quit smoking cigarettes. However, the safety of electronic cigarettes is debated. The results are preliminary, but in this study we found that there was a significant increase in heart rate and blood pressure in volunteers who were exposed to nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes. Arterial stiffness increased about three-fold in those who were exposed to nicotine-containing e-cigarettes compared to the nicotine-free group.


Old habits vs New Habits:
The main substances contained in the liquid are: propylene glycol (usually about 70%) and / or vegetable glycerin (usually about 20%), nicotine in different doses (between 0 mg and 54 mg / ml), flavors and aromas. Several studies show that the dose of nicotine they “claim to have” cartridges often does not match what they “really” have.

Electronic cigarettes allow smokers to continue with the usual act of having the small white cylinder between their fingers and inhaling a dose of nicotine. But they do without the tar, smoke and cocktail of other harmful chemical compounds that cause the vast majority of the actual damages of the actual cigarettes. Nicotine reaches the lungs through a trickle of water vapor from a small cartridge located inside the plastic “cigarette” to the stack.


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