How to reduce your appetite? Tips here!
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How to reduce your appetite? Tips here!

How to reduce your appetite?

Did you know that the appetite, many times, is psychological?

Do you feel an uncontrollable hunger after meals? This may seem normal to you, but if it is permanent it may mean something else. Maybe bad eating habits? Are you suffering from stress on a day-to-day basis?

There are 6 tips you should start to consider:
a- Try to control the emotions. Remember: Many times, our hunger is directly related to anxiety, sadness or frustration.

How to reduce your appetite? Tips here!

Psychologists call this “Oral Distress”

b- Drink more water. It is very important to stay hydrated throughout the day, as it is vital to maintain the proper functioning of the body. The signs of thirst and hunger are very similar and you can confuse them. An important fact: you have to hydrate with water, and not with another drink. This is because the water has a “neutral stimulus” (as regards the taste).

That is why you must avoid at all costs, drinks with sugar: read the labels carefully, to detect whether or not it has sugar.

c- Eat small portions, and leave some time before eating again. In this way, you will get used to satisfying yourself little by little with ever smaller quantities.

How to reduce your appetite? Tips here!

d- Sleep well: Nights without good sleep increase ghrelin levels, which makes us feel more hungry. This is, said in a quick way, to stay awake. In addition, the levels of leptin, the hormone responsible for feeling satiated, are reduced.

It is important to know that if you want to eat less, you have to eat!

How to reduce your appetite? Tips here!
This is because if you do not eat enough healthy proteins and fats or skip meals, you will make your stomach need more and more food. And when it’s time for you to eat … you’ll have too much appetite!

e- Physical activity: Physical exercises release endorphins that help you feel relaxed and also control your appetite.

On the other hand, after having a hard workout, the odds that you are hungry, are reduced.

How to reduce your appetite? Tips here!

f- Stop drinking alcoholic beverages: Excessive consumption of alcohol causes your body to become dehydrated. When dehydrated, you will have to replenish the nutrients in the form of food … the hangover will make you hungry and you want to eat something with a high fat content.

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