Tricks and exercises to have firm and toned arms

Tricks and exercises to have firm and toned arms

Tricks and exercises to have firm and toned arms in 10 steps:

You can follow these steps either if you go to the gym or if you just train at home.

Tricks and exercises to have firm and toned arms

1- Triceps. One of the great forgotten when it comes to exercising our arms. Not everything is biceps, biceps and biceps. You should also know that exercising the triceps will increase the flexibility of your arms. The triceps are the main ones in charge of ‘holding’ the skin that falls off the arm, so you know …

2- Diet To show a stylized arm, or not, will depend, very much, on our diet. The arms are very sensitive to weight loss and gain, so that ‘hanging’ occurs if we do not exercise our arms at the same time.

3- Biceps. Just as one should not neglect the triceps, the biceps is the great muscular group that makes up the arms. There are many and varied exercises that you can perform, although the ‘curl’ is the king. If you are afraid of hurting yourself with the weights, resist with the other arm.

4- Variety of exercises. The muscles get accustomed too quickly to an exercise and that is why you have to ‘attack’ from different fronts. When you have already internalized and mastered one exercise, change to another. Do not get used. Never.

5- Weights. Of half to four kilos, you will not need more. If you do not feel able to start with some weights, try doing the exercises without weight or using your own body (as with the funds). If at first you have no strength, do not worry, it’s normal. The key is to be able to use them within two weeks of starting.

6- Rest. As in any training, the time you dedicate to relax your muscles is benefit to them … The muscles renew their fibers in the resting stage, so over-training them will cause more fatigue and loss of muscle mass. With three days per week and 15 minutes per session you will have more than enough to start. You can use creams, but they are only effective with exercise, exercise, exercise …

7- Constancy. It is worth nothing to be a month ‘to stop’ and then leave for two months. The constancy is key to see results. If you still have doubts, ask someone to take a picture after the exercise and go comparing them week after week. You will see that I change!

8- Flexibility and elasticity. Remember to warm up before training and not make sudden movements or try to reach the end of the repetition before you start. The key to a good exercise is to do it well, not fast. That’s why flexibility is a very important part. You will see how you get more elasticity and strength in your arms.

9- Progression. Little by little, without haste but without pause, the best way to obtain a good physical shape is the progression. Staying in a routine, in a weight, in an exercise; week after week, it will make us leave.

10- Without fear. Quiet, you’re not going to be like Madonna, no matter how much you exercise your arms. It is very, very difficult for you to get ‘ball’ as men do. A matter of genetics. Do not be afraid to hurt yourself either. If you do the exercises correctly, you should not have problems. On the other hand, at least symptom of stiffness, for. You will return with even more strength.

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